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Is “Anything Goes” a Way to Approach Brand Strategy?

When you hear brand strategy you probably think of the calculated steps that a company takes to build a strong emotional connection between its brand and customers. After all, one of the definitions of the word strategy is “a careful plan or method for achieving a...

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Use Brand Touchpoints to Stay on Course

Only a very small fraction of what is said about a brand comes from the brand itself. The rest comes via word of mouth from customers, prospects and the world at large—i.e., anyone who has ever interacted with one of the brand’s many touchpoints. If you haven't...

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Why Brand Name Takes a Backseat to Brand Experience

In graduate school, I took a series of marketing and branding classes and learned that a strong brand name serves as a shortcut to decision making. In other words, without adequate information or the time to conduct exhaustive research, consumers rely on strong brand...

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Even Unsexy Brands Can Hit Pay Dirt on Pinterest

If you’ve thought of Pinterest as a platform for food and fashion brands, type in the word “fungicide” and see what pops up. Granted, fungicide doesn’t automatically come to mind when most people think about the popular picture-sharing site. But when you need to...

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Branding Your Business: Lessons from a NYC Dog Walker

I’m crazy about dogs, which explains why a New York Times article about a brand-savvy dog walker named Precious Costello Caldwell has been bookmarked on my computer (and stuck in my mind) since it was published earlier this year. Here are my thoughts on what Caldwell...

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