Make Your Brand Shine

Your brand is your most valuable asset. The key to success is to define what your brand stands for, how it is different—and how you’ll use brand strategy to connect with audiences to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Brand Strategy Consulting

If building a strong brand sounds like a lot more work than creating a logo, tagline, website or marketing brochure—it is. A strong brand represents an emotional connection with customers and prospects that is built over time. Brands with the strongest identities and the deepest connections will thrive.

Our Approach to Branding

Step One: Brand Audit &

We conduct a comprehensive analysis to understand how your brand is currently perceived in the marketplace. Activities may include industry research, evaluation of competitors, surveys, and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders (employees, clients, board members, etc.).

Clients get detailed results of the findings and our recommendations for aligning brand strategy with business strategy to move the organization forward.

Step Two: Brand Identity Development

Using information from the audit, we define your desired brand identity, including:

Brand Personality: Traits to help people relate to your brand on a personal and emotional level.

Brand Promise: A clear and concise statement of how your brand connects with its audiences; guides the actions of your company and employees.

Brand Positioning: The foundation for all external brand messages; articulates the unique and compelling advantages of your brand over competitors.

Step Three: Brand Implementation & Design

To bring the brand to life, we identify its touchpoints—i.e., all the ways that the brand interacts with the outside world. We then create a plan for managing and measuring each brand touchpoint throughout the organization and at every stage of the relationship life cycle.

When a visual makeover is in order (e.g., a new logo or redesigned website), we will work with design agencies to ensure that the look and feel of the brand reflects the newly developed strategy.

Why Work With Us

Strong brands don’t happen overnight. They require a long-term, strategic perspective that begins with a clear definition of an organization’s goals and objectives for the future. The Galvanizing Group has worked with companies and associations in multiple industries to deliver brand strategies that stand the test of time.


Ellen Galvin, MBA

Brand & Business Strategist

Listen as Ellen Galvin describes the brand strategy process. Working with small associations to Fortune 100 companies, we avoid the typical “brandspeak” to connect directly and effectively with our clients and their stakeholders. Visit Ellen’s LinkedIn profile to learn more.

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