Brand Strategy Consulting

Your brand is your most valuable asset. It is the glue that holds everything together. In any brand consulting project, the key to success is to define what your brand stands for, how it is different—and how you’ll use brand strategy to connect with audiences to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Brand Strategy Consulting Services

If building a strong brand sounds like a lot more work than creating a logo, tagline, website or marketing brochure—it is. A strong brand represents an emotional connection with customers and prospects that is built over time.

Interactions with brands used to be limited to the physical world. Today, they extend into the digital world. Whether you are selling products or services, people expect to have a relationship with your brand both online and offline. Brands with the strongest identities and the deepest connections will thrive.

Our Approach to Branding

Time invested in expert analysis and sound strategy will ensure that your brand contributes to your organization’s growth for years to come. When working with clients, we typically follow a three-step process:

Step One: Brand Audit & Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis to understand how your brand is currently perceived in the marketplace. Activities may include industry research, evaluation of competitors, and surveys and interviews with key stakeholders (employees, clients, board members, analysts, etc.). The objective is to define and differentiate your brand. Clients get detailed results of our findings along with recommendations for aligning brand strategy with business strategy to move the organization forward.

Step Two: Brand Identity Development

Using information obtained in the audit phase, we define your desired brand identity using the following tools:

Brand Personality: A set of traits to help people relate to your brand on a personal and emotional level.

Brand Promise: A clear and concise statement of how your brand connects with its audiences. The brand promise helps guide the actions of your company and your employees.

Brand Positioning: The foundation for all external brand messages. The brand positioning articulates the unique and compelling advantages of your brand over its competitors.

Step Three: Brand Implementation & Design

To bring the brand to life, we identify its touchpoints—i.e., all the ways that the brand interacts with the outside world. We then create a plan for managing and measuring each brand touchpoint throughout the organization, and at every stage of the relationship life cycle. (Read “Use Brand Touchpoints to Stay On Course” on our blog to learn more.)

When a visual makeover is in order (for example, a new logo or a redesigned website), we will work with a client’s designated design agency to ensure that the look and feel of the brand reflects the newly developed strategy. We are also happy to recommend talented design firms whose work we trust and who will help your brand stand out visually.

What Makes Us Different

The Galvanizing Group has carried out brand strategy consulting projects for companies and associations in a wide variety of industries. Lead strategist Ellen Galvin is an experienced consultant and MBA who regularly conducts interviews with key stakeholders and facilitates brand strategy sessions with executive teams. With her professional demeanor and her avoidance of “brandspeak,” Ellen has interfaced with hundreds of people—from officers in the C-Suite to customers in the check-out line. Clients know her as a clear and focused thinker who delivers results. Visit Ellen’s LinkedIn profile to learn more.

The Galvanizing Group brings great experience and vision as brand strategists. They are able to identify key components that are unique within an organization, developing true brand differentiators. Their attention to organizational detail and systematic approach to research results in a plan that a company can execute on to create better internal focus and external brand awareness.

Steve Stogner

Vice President of Marketing, Grange Insurance Association

Our organization has improved leaps and bounds with the help of The Galvanizing Group. From a strategic name change of our two largest programs to a customized Internal Brand Strategy, we are finally in a place to where our staff has the confidence to cut past the internal ‘marketing speak’ when speaking with our stakeholders. Our organization (Board of Directors and staff) can now effectively convey our complex program in a way that is simple, effective and consistent.

Janet Kenefsky-Henderson

Deputy Director, Western United States Agricultural Trade Association

They listened closely to understand what makes our organization unique and identified opportunities to create the desired brand image with our target audience.

Paul Witkay

Founder, The Alliance of Chief Executives

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