Naming Services

Naming Services

Your name is the first point of contact that people have with your most valuable asset: Your brand. As an extension of our brand strategy work, we offer naming services to help generate memorable names for companies and products that connect with audiences and generate positive ROI.

Product & Company Naming Services

A name can’t be expected to say everything, but it should reflect your company’s core values and attributes. We don’t come up with names like “Xyorxa” (not a real name—yet) because we believe that strong names combine words and ideas that are recognizable and easy to pronounce and which already carry with them a certain amount of positive equity.

In any naming project, we take the following steps:

Brand Assessment

Strong names track back to strong positioning statements, which also serve as an evaluation tool during the final selection process. We’ll assess the strength of your current brand positioning and make adjustments as necessary.

Competitive Overview

We’ll evaluate your industry to identify naming trends and find creative opportunities to stand out.

Creative Brainstorming

We’ll brainstorm names in different naming categories, ranging from the descriptive to the evocative. The result will be a list of potential names, between 25 and 100 depending on the circumstances.

Guided Evaluation

Working with your company’s decision makers, we’ll narrow down the list of names and provide a methodical framework for evaluating the strength of each against key performance indicators. Our goal is to move the naming discussion from the subjective and personal (e.g., “I like it” or “I don’t like it”) to the objective and strategic.

Rework and Refine

We will refine name selections based on input from your team as well as feedback from your trademark attorneys.

Note: Names that we present to clients will have undergone basic prescreening via Google,, and the USPTO trademark database. Comprehensive trademark searches are the responsibility of the client’s trademark attorneys (we can make recommendations).

To learn about our naming services, please contact us.


Our organization has improved leaps and bounds with the help of The Galvanizing Group. From a strategic name change of our two largest programs to a customized Internal Brand Strategy, we are finally in a place to where our staff has the confidence to cut past the internal ‘marketing speak’ when speaking with our stakeholders. Our organization (Board of Directors and staff) can now effectively convey our complex program in a way that is simple, effective and consistent.

Janet Kenefsky-Henderson

Deputy Director, Western United States Agricultural Trade Association

You [The Galvanizing Group] have such good minds for figuring out how to connect with people and how people relate to products. I appreciate your thoughts and thoughtfulness.

Hansine Pedersen Goran

President, Current Carpets

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