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What’s Involved in a Brand Review?

Brand audit. Brand analysis. Brand review. The terms differ but the objective is the same: To get a clear picture of where your company’s brand is today—and how it stacks up to where you want your business to be. When to Consider a Brand Review There are as many...

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Mission Statement vs. Brand Promise: How Do They Differ?

Executive coach and public speaker Gerry Valentine’s piece for Forbes on the importance of an inspiring mission statement (“Want To Make Your Company Resilient? Start With An Inspiring Mission”) is a reminder of just how subtle the differences are between a mission...

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Define Your Brand Vision to Build Better Relationships

Connectors connect to give, and not to get—it’s what differentiates connecting from networking. But if you are to be of service, you need to be clear on the values and skills that you bring to the table. Sounds simple, right? There’s just one problem. Too often we...

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Brand Loyalty is Dead. Will Brand Connections Replace It?

For companies accustomed to the old ideas of winning a customer’s brand loyalty and then forgetting about it, the last several years have been disruptive to say the least. All around us, societal shifts are dramatically altering the way we live and work. At the heart...

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Turn Ideas Into Action: How to Create a Winning Brand Plan

To turn a brand into an asset that is managed and measured, you need a strategic brand plan. This is harder than it sounds. Many companies struggle to allocate the time and resources necessary to turn big ideas into everyday actions. It’s like trying to move a massive...

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Turn Your Brand Strategy into a Compelling Brand Story

You’ve invested organizational resources to develop a solid brand strategy, one that differentiates your company in the marketplace and provides a clear plan for success—only to realize that the average attention span is only eight seconds long. It’s a problem that...

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Every Brand Story Needs a Hero

In content marketing, the brand story is everything. While content marketing is relatively new, storytelling has been around for ages. Stories have always been the key to convincing people to do something, buy something, or tell their family and friends about...

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