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How (and When) to Ask for Customer Referrals

Studies consistently show that customers depend on referrals to determine what they buy—and who they buy it from. In a previous blog post, we addressed why business owners need to change their thinking and learn to ask for specific customer referrals. In this...

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The Key to Getting Business Referrals is to Ask for Them

Do you offer a great product? Provide outstanding customer service? If you answered “yes” to either question, ask yourself one more: Is your business getting the referrals that it deserves? Referrals through word of mouth are a great way to grow a business....

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Five Ways to Master Relationship Marketing

It doesn’t matter what business you are in. If you sell a product or service to real people, i.e. humans with thoughts, opinions and feelings, you are a relationship marketer. If the term “relationship marketing” sounds a little touchy-feely to you, consider the...

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Five Simple Ways to Build Better Business Connections

What does it take to build genuine and meaningful business connections? We all know that success depends largely on the people who surround us, yet we aren’t always sure how to go about building a team that will inspire and support us along the way. Here are five...

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