Build Strong Connections

Since 2002, The Galvanizing Group has operated under the belief that great relationships are the difference between failure and success in business. We all know that connecting with others is important, but many of use aren’t sure where to start or how to cultivate relationships over time. In that sense, we are not unlike struggling business owner Robert Hanson. Robert is the main character in Patrick Galvin’s book, The Connector’s Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time.

Robert’s story is fictional, but the powerful relationship building tools that he uncovers along the way galvanize him into action and put him on a clear path to success. Published in 2016, The Connector’s Way has been embraced by professionals across different industries and in all parts of the country. And while there is no “secret formula” to becoming a better connector, connecting is a skill that can be learned and improved on with commitment and practice.

That’s where we come in.

The Connector's Way by Patrick Galvin

About The Connector’s Way Coaching Program

If you are committed to achieving business success through better relationships and are looking for the expertise, accountability and support to become a better connector, then The Connector’s Way Coaching Program may be for you. For more information, please contact us.

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