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The Trusted Way by Patrick Galvin

The Trusted Way: A Story About Building a Life and Business of Character [NEW!]

What constitutes ethical business behavior? What does it mean to do the right thing? In a world that regularly stretches the limits of truth and fairness, these questions hold the key to personal and professional success. The Trusted Way is the story of Brad Parsons and the unexpected mentors he meets on his journey from morally challenged entrepreneur to trusted advisor and friend. Along the way, he learns about The Four-Way Test, a simple yet powerful yardstick that can be used to measure the impact of a person’s thoughts, words, and deeds toward others. 

The Trusted Way is a compelling and accessible guide for building stronger relationships and making the workplace (and the world) a better place. Available on Amazon in print and Kindle formats. 

The Trusted Way Audiobook

The Trusted Way Audiobook [with BONUS materials]

Author Patrick Galvin narrates the story of a morally challenged entrepreneur who discovers the secret to becoming a trusted advisor and friend in this audiobook version of The Trusted Way. Downloadable bonus materials include a print-ready copy of The Four-Way Test. [Run time 01:48]

The Connector’s Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time

Great relationships are the key to personal and professional success. That’s the lesson that Robert Hanson, a struggling business owner, learns in Patrick Galvin’s national bestselling business parable. By following the advice of two surprising mentors and the natural connectors he meets through them, Robert uncovers seven simple yet powerful relationship-building secrets that have long eluded him—even though they were always in plain sight.

Whether you’re looking to move ahead in your career, build a business or grow a team, this small yet powerful book will galvanize you into action and provide a clear path to success. Available on Amazon in print and Kindle formats. 

The Connector's Way Audiobook

The Connector’s Way Audiobook [with BONUS materials]

Patrick Galvin narrates his bestselling business parable in this short yet powerful story of an entrepreneur who goes from failure to success. Downloadable bonus materials include the Seven Rules for Building Business One Relationship at a Time and a discussion guide to share with your team, colleagues, book club, etc. [Run time 01:46]

The Connector's Way Academy

The Connector’s Way Academy

Expanding on the message of Patrick Galvin’s bestselling business parable, The Connector’s Way Academy delivers 50 bite-sized audio tracks accessible anytime via mobile app or computer. Important relationship building topics are accompanied by practical tips, downloadable tools, and action steps to help you develop a Connector’s Mindset and put you on the path to becoming an expert relationship builder.