Sharpen Your Relationship Building Skills

Good leaders know that strong relationships are the difference between success and failure—and that relationship building is integral to the advancement of every individual on their team. And yet…few business schools teach relationship building skills and companies don’t often prioritize them. The result? It doesn’t take long for an organization’s collective business relationship building skills to become rusty.

A relationship-focused organization understands that:

  • Everything in business is connected to other people
  • Connecting and networking are not the same
  • Strategic relationship building is a skilled activity that can be learned, improved, tracked and measured
  • Relationship skills must be taught at every job level
  • Sales are a result (not an indicator) of strong relationships
  • Team members are more effective when they are held accountable to relationship building goals and objectives

What will an intentional focus on business relationship

building do for you and your team?

The Connector’s Way Cohort Coaching Program

The Connector’s Way Cohort Coaching Program is for high-performance teams that are committed to achieving business success through better relationships and seek the expertise, accountability and support of an experienced coach to meet their goals.

The Model

Connecting Cohorts are typically made up of four to six people from the same company or organization. Programs are designed to improve participants’ skills as connectors while holding them accountable to specific and measurable goals. Organizations benefit from the collective learning of the cohort and the relationship building momentum that the cohort generates.

The Mechanics

Participants take part in three interactive coaching sessions per month for a total of nine sessions. Each session is one hour long and facilitated by an experienced coach via Zoom video conferencing. Sessions are arranged at the beginning of each cohort coaching program with the understanding that participants will make time on their calendars for the duration of the program. 

The Measurables

Cohort members will be asked to identify specific goals and objectives for becoming better connectors and to commit to making relationship building a priority. Each participant will develop a detailed Connector’s Way Relationship Action Plan to align their relationship building activities with measurable goals and objectives.

“With decades of outside sales experience, I can say that this was the first program to offer a clear strategy around managing my contacts to achieve my goals. By applying the techniques learned as part of the Cohort Coaching Program, I achieved my stated business goals within 60 days.”

Erica Hynek, Relationship Manager, Fannie Mae

The Connector’s Way coaching program helped me and my fellow cohort members become more focused on our professional priorities. The Relationship Action Plan is a particularly great tool for meeting goals and staying accountable.”

Ann Peniston, Senior Learning Specialist, Fannie Mae

“Our Cohort Coaching sessions became a steady source of inspiration. In fact, they’ve been such a source of positive influence on our group that we’ve continued to meet twice a month in order keep building upon what we’ve learned.”

Brandon McGee, Relationship Manager, Fannie Mae

“Most of us in real estate have large databases. Learning how to organize my relationships and align them with my business goals was eye-opening. I also learned so much from my fellow cohort members. Our open discussions created a sense of support and accountability that inspired us to bring our A-games!”

Carter Williams, Vice President, The Wiliams Team, Keller Williams Realty

“By participating in the Cohort Coaching Program, I became more connected to my prospects and increased my sales. The Galvanizing Group will provide you with the tools to become a better relationship builder and take your business to the next level.”

James Ambuehl, Business Development Manager, Landscaping Company

Benefits of the Cohort Coaching Program

Measurable Results

The Connector’s Way Cohort Coaching Program is designed to align each participant’s relationship building activities with the setting of individual goals and objectives that meet the S.M.A.R.T. criteria (i.e., Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound). Importantly, the nature of the group cohort model encourages valuable internal team building and inspires collective learning and momentum that is transferred back to the workplace.

Feedback & Support

Participants have unlimited access to phone, email and text support from their coach for the duration of the program and are encouraged to take advantage of this support to stay motivated and on-target. In addition, participants will have a 1:1 check-in call with their coach at the program’s mid-point to discuss any issues or concerns and assess their progress.

Coaching & Training Materials

Upon program commencement, each participant will receive the latest version of The Connector’s Way Guide. In addition, participants are granted full access to The Connector’s Way Online System, a standalone online learning program consisting of 52 short yet powerful videos on the topic of relationship building taught by Patrick Galvin and accompanied by practical tools and exercises designed to generate measurable results. Coaching program participants also have priority for registering for special relationship building programs and events as they are developed.

Our Commitment

The Connector’s Way Cohort Coaching Program is not for everyone. But if your company is committed to achieving business success through better relationships and you are looking for the expertise, accountability and support to help your team members become better connectors, then we are confident in our ability to help them reach their goals. In doing so, we acknowledge our responsibility to preserve the confidentiality of any information or data disclosed by or developed on behalf of participants during our coaching sessions. At the same time, participants understand that they are in control of their own decisions, choices, actions—and results.

Getting Started with Coaching

Please contact Patrick Galvin or Ellen Galvin at or 503.249.8800 for additional program information including client testimonials, pricing and organizational incentives for multiple cohort enrollments.