Galvanize Your Business with Better Relationships

What if EVERYONE on your team built better relationships?

Technology. Automation. Remote work. Your business is changing. We can help transform the way your organization builds and maintains strong, trust-based internal and external relationships.

Relationships Drive Business Results

We believe that strong, trust-based relationships are the key to personal and professional success—and that relationship building is a skill that can be learned, improved, tracked, and measured. Working with high-performance companies and teams, The Galvanizing Group® delivers innovative coaching, training, and online learning programs that offer organizations a systematic and strategic approach to business relationship building.

Business Coaching

Cohort Coaching

Our corporate coaching programs are designed to improve participants’ skills as connectors while helping them meet specific and measurable business goals.

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brand strategy consulting

Online Learning

We develop online learning courses that build essential business skills and transform the way people build and maintain trust-based relationships.

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Keynote Speaking

Speaking & Training

We work with companies and meeting planners to offer speeches, workshops, and webinars that galvanize audiences to build better business relationships.

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People with strong relationships are healthier, happier, and more likely to perform at their peak to achieve greater success in business and life.

What Business Relationship Builder Type are you?

The Way Books by Patrick Galvin

The Way We Work: Turning Timeless Principles Into Business Results

For anyone who seeks to make the workplace (and the world) a better place, the business parables of Patrick Galvin’s popular The Way book series are packed with powerful lessons on earning trust, building relationships, and measuring the impact of one’s thoughts, words, and deeds toward others. Organizations including Fannie Mae, Keller Williams, Banner Bank, Guild Mortgage, Safeco Insurance, and the Alliance of Chief Executives are applying the principles of The Way to build stronger, trust-based relationships.

 Highlights of Client Work

Cohort Coaching for Fannie Mae's Relationship Managers

Relationship Managers at Fannie Mae participated in a panel discussion to share with their colleagues how they are applying the relationship building lessons they learned as part of The Galvanizing Group®’s Connecting Cohort Coaching Program.

Consulting & Training for Grange Agents & Employees

The Galvanizing Group® has worked with Grange Insurance Association (GIA) on multiple initiatives designed to sharpen the business relationship building skills of its employees and the independent insurance agents that represent the GIA brand.

Client Keller Williams

Inspiring Keller Williams Realtors from the Stage

Keynote speaker and TEDx presenter Patrick Galvin shared business relationship building lessons from his book The Connector’s Way with top agents and real estate professionals at Keller Williams’ Family Reunion, the industry’s largest training event.

Patrick Galvin on the Power of Personal Connection

Listen as Patrick Galvin, keynote presenter, TEDx speaker, and chief galvanizer of The Galvanizing Group®, discusses the mental and physical benefits of serving others and connecting with causes that are important to you.