Grow Relationship Building Confidence & Skill

The Business Relationship Building Academy

Designed to grow the confidence and skill of professional learners across all organizational levels, The Business Relationship Building Academy™, which has earned over 1,000 outstanding reviews on global eLearning provider OpenSesame, covers every facet of relationship building.

Online Relationship Building Courses
 The Business Relationship Building Academy™ offers:
  • 78 interactive courses hosted on a secure and mobile-friendly LMS (learning management system).
  • A clean, modern aesthetic that incorporates the latest e-Learning standards.
  • A modular, self-guided curriculum that lets learners interact with the content in the order they choose and at their own pace.
  • A platform that keeps track of individual progress in starting and completing courses.
  • A blend of videos, inline activities, and self-assessments to grow relationship-building confidence and competence.
  • Downloadable resources and exercises that reinforce the materials taught.
  • Courses that deliver an effective, engaging, and fun learning experience without requiring a major time commitment (most courses can be completed in 10 to 20 minutes).
By the Numbers: The Bottom-Line Benefits of Online Learning
  • E-Learning requires 40% to 60% less employee time* than learning the same material in a classroom setting.
  • The avg. retention rate of a microlearning course (under 30 mins) is 70-90% (versus 15% for longer courses).

* Data sources: eLearning Industry, SH!FT, and EdApp

  • Online learning increases retention rates 25% to 60% (face-to-face training rates are just 8% to 10%).
  • 42% of companies surveyed said that online learning programs led to an increase in revenue.

 Enterprise Solutions:

Relationship-Building Training for Your Workforce

Ready to make relationship-building training available across your organization? Our catalog of SCORM and xAPI-compliant courses are available to all levels of your organization, including managers, frontline employees, and/or a dispersed workforce. We make it simple with three options:

Option 1: Via global eLearning provider OpenSesame

Option 2: Raw course files for uploading to your LMS

Option 3: Direct access via our secure LMS (TalentLMS)

Contact us to learn more about bringing relationship-building training to your organization.

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