Build a Relationship-Driven Business

Strong relationships are the difference between success and failure in business. Not even the most technical, data-driven workforce operates in a vacuum—making relationship building integral to the advancement of every team member and employee.

With years of experience in business, brand strategy and management consulting, The Galvanizing Group offers custom training and consulting solutions for high-performance companies and teams seeking to grow bottom line result through better internal and external relationships.

Transform Your Business with Better Relationships

We collaborate with clients in a number of ways, including:

  • Changing workforce perceptions and attitudes around the value of connecting and relationship building

  • Differentiating strategic relationship building from networking, sales and marketing

  • Uncovering an organization’s greatest opportunities for cultivating strong internal and external connections

  • Helping teams make the most of strategic relationship building opportunities

  • Providing employees with actionable tactics and measurable goals

“The Galvanizing Group has been instrumental in helping Grange Insurance Association build strong relationships with the agents who sell our products and the consumers who buy them. They’ve helped us think about how we want to occupy our customer’s minds and the relationships we want to create for them.”

Bob Horn, Chief Marketing Executive, Grange Insurance Association

“In the world of clicking a button to place an order, The Galvanizing Group has a refreshing take of building and leveraging relationships for maximum advantage.”

Joe Ewens, EVP Production, GEM Mortgage, Inc.

“The Galvanizing Group brings great experience and vision. Their attention to detail and systematic approach to business relationship building results in a plan that a company can execute on to create better internal focus and drive results.”

Steve Stogner, Chief Executive Officer, Grange Insurance Association

“Patrick Galvin [The Galvanizing Group] delivered actionable items that our sales team could start using immediately to build better connections and business relationships. The feedback from both our sales team and senior management was excellent.”

Matthew Jones, Vice President of Sales, Factual Data

“They [The Galvanizing Group] listened closely to understand what makes our organization unique and identified opportunities to create strategic relationships with our target audience.”

Paul Witkay, Founder, The Alliance of Chief Executives

We Can Help Your Team:

Lightbulb icon-nurture a connector's mindset

Nurture a Connector’s Mindset

Target icon-define goals and objectives

Define Relationship Goals & Objectives

Planning icon-develop a relationship plan

Develop a Relationship Building Plan

Connection icon- cultivate strategic connections

Cultivate Strategic Connections

Learn how The Galvanizing Group can help your organization improve loyalty, referrals and sales through better business relationship building by emailing or contacting us here.