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Strong, trust-based relationships are key to personal and professional success. Not even the most technical, data-driven workforce operates in a vacuum—making relationship building integral to the advancement of every team member and employee. The most cost-effective way to grow your organization’s relationship building confidence and skill is via “bite-sized” online learning courses.

Consider the following data* on the proven benefits of e-Learning:

E-Learning requires 40% to 60% less employee time than learning the same material in a classroom setting.

Online learning increases retention rates 25% to 60% (face-to-face training rates are just 8% to 10%).

The avg. retention rate of a microlearning course (under 30 mins) is 70-90% (versus 15% for longer courses).

42% of companies surveyed said that online learning programs led to an increase in revenue.

Professional Development:

The Business Relationship Building Academy™

Online Relationship Building Courses

We engage online learners with:

  • A robust and growing catalog of interactive courses hosted on a secure and mobile-friendly learning management system (LMS)​
  • A clean and modern aesthetic that incorporates the latest digital learning standards
  • A modular, self-guided curriculum that lets adult learners interact with the content at their own pace
  • A blend of videos, inline activities, and self-assessments that grow relationship building confidence and skill
  • Courses that can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes with downloadable resources and exercises that reinforce the materials taught online
  • Courses with global appeal (all courses are available in Spanish)
  • An effective, engaging—and fun—learning experience

 Enterprise Solutions:

Relationship-Building Training for Your Workforce

Do you need to make relationship-building training available across your organization? Does your company have its own training department or learning management system (LMS)? Contact us to discuss how we can customize an online learning solution to make our catalog of SCORM and xAPI-compliant courses available to all levels of your organization, including managers, frontline employees, at-home workers, or a workforce dispersed by geography and/or other circumstances.

online learning courses

* Data sources: eLearning Industry, SH!FT, and EdApp