People with strong relationships are healthier, happier, and more likely to perform at their peak to earn more money and achieve greater levels of success. And while all relationships are important, they are not all equal.

Simply stated, some relationships are more strategic than others.

That last sentence (and the idea of a “relationship-building game”) makes some people uncomfortable. Yet most people do a better job planning a vacation than they do planning how to build the relationships that will make them successful!

Your Relationship-Building Game: Questions to Ask

As you take stock of your connections and make a list of the relationships in your life, ask yourself the following questions:

Is everyone like you? If the answer is yes, it’s time to diversify. Diversity leads to new ideas, opportunities, and friendships.

Is your list light on movers and shakers? You cannot achieve ambitious goals without people who have the experience, contacts, and resources to help you get there. Identify any mentors and role models you want to get to know better—and include them in your Relationship Building Action Plan. (Note: The Relationship Building Action Plan is a core component of The Galvanizing Group’s Cohort Coaching Program for high-performance companies and teams.)

Did you exclude people because you thought you had nothing in commonResearch shows that the weakest ties often lead to the greatest opportunities because they lift you out of your comfort zone.

Admittedly, the pandemic has made it difficult to build relationships outside our immediate network of family and friends. But as we resume more of our pre-pandemic activities, we have an opportunity to reconsider—and appreciate—the joys and benefits that come from the people who make up our “outer circles.”

Are certain relationships holding you back? To quote the late Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Now is a great time to prioritize where you want to spend your time and who you want to spend it with.

How will YOU elevate your relationship-building game?


Patrick Galvin is the Chief Galvanizer of The Galvanizing Group which delivers innovative coaching, training, and online learning programs for high-performance companies and teams seeking a systematic and measurable approach to business relationship building. Patrick is also a TEDx speaker, keynote presenter, and author of The Way series of business parables about building trust-based relationships.