If you’re busy running your business, you may not feel that you have time for social media. Believe me, I get it. It’s easy to fritter away hours on Facebook and other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram without seeing immediate benefits.

A few years ago, I discovered a simple yet effective technique to maximize social media value that has worked well for me and my business. It is called the Pomodoro Technique and I highly recommend it to anyone who seeks to manage their time better and boost their daily productivity.

The technique is based on the premise that humans can’t really multitask very well. This is contrary to popular belief, as many of us think we can (or should) be doing multiple things at once. Yet our brains simply don’t function at their best when we bounce from one task to another. The near-constant “pinging” of social media only makes matters worse and can further heighten our anxiety. (For many people, the fear of missing out, or FOMO, is a very real issue.)

In the following video, I describe how to use the Pomodoro Technique to concentrate the time you spend on any single social media platform.

Why not give it a try? Eliminate all distractions, set a kitchen timer for 25 minutes, and logon to one of your social media pages. In just 25 minutes you can let people know what’s new and exciting in your business. You can reach out to your loyal customers while establishing connections with new and prospective audiences.  Chances are, you’ll find that “I don’t have time for social media” simply means “I need a better way to do things.” Have fun!