Discover Your Relationship Builder Type: Assessment

10 Questions, 5 minutes

The ten questions in this five-minute assessment will explore your approach to relationship building and evaluate your effectiveness in building strong, trust-based connections that fuel professional success and personal fulfillment.

This is an assessment and not a test; as such, there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers. If some choices are difficult, choose the answer that is correct most often. This will give you the most meaningful results.

Your Relationship Builder Type will be displayed after you enter the requested contact information and click SUBMIT. For the full assessment report, please check your inbox.

Which of the following BEST describes you?

What is your GENERAL APPROACH to relationship building?

You are invited to a business or social event. What do you do?

How would you BEST describe your current network of connections?

What is the MOST COMMON way you meet new people?

What is your PRIMARY reason for engaging in relationship-building activities?

What is your GREATEST STRENGTH as a relationship builder?

Which aspect of relationship building do you struggle the MOST with?

Which of the following MOST frustrates you about relationship building?

Of the following, which gives you the MOST satisfaction?

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