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Every Brand Story Needs a Hero

In content marketing, the brand story is everything. While content marketing is relatively new, storytelling has been around for ages. Stories have always been the key to convincing people to do something, buy something, or tell their family and friends about...

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Mine Your Own Business for Smart, Original Content

Digital marketing specialists have plenty of opinions about how often a company should post on social media to get the maximum mileage out of their content. According to a few different “experts,” the recommended frequencies are: Pinterest: 5 times per day Twitter:...

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How to Get Yourself Some Brand Love

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If you make gourmet chocolates or sell long-stemmed roses, you’re pretty comfortable with the language of love. If you are the marketing manager for an industrial manufacturer…well, “love” may not be part of your everyday business...

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Galvanize Your Business and Brand in the New Year

Happy New Year! If you are like me, you started January 1st with personal resolutions for the year ahead. One of mine is to spend more time with my family outside and to revel in the fact that Oregon has been blessed with some of the best snowfall in years. What about...

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Is “Anything Goes” a Way to Approach Brand Strategy?

When you hear brand strategy you probably think of the calculated steps that a company takes to build a strong emotional connection between its brand and customers. After all, one of the definitions of the word strategy is “a careful plan or method for achieving a...

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